The Band

Boneslide is a finnish rock group, that draws influences from 90´s alternative rock and metal. The early seeds were planted about ten years ago during several sessions of covering and jamming, which usually took place about anywhere you could find a guitar. After a couple of years of silence, there was an opening for a rehearsal space, which was soon to be the band's new home.

The first formation of the band consisted of 5 members and was born out of pure desire to have fun, play rock music and respect the artists who keep it exciting. Eventually, with some new ideas for songs, things took their natural course and somewhere along 2002 the band was formed. Since then, it has taken a couple of shapes and sizes before settling down to its current state.

Boneslide's music is sort of a trip from twisted cheerful melodies to darker, heavier rock tunes, and has always been a collective result of its members.

[email protected]
Tuomas +358 45 8927207 | Simo +358 50 9195460